Have You Seen a Ghost Lately?

There are over 3000 Paranormal Societies in the U.S.A. and an even larger International list. Many go to great expense to put together a scientific paranormal research team trying to understand the unexplainable and to obtain irrefutable paranormal evidence to present to the public and scientific community.

Ghost Tours of Kansas, LLC wants to put the public in touch with the ghosts residing in community hotels, post offices, infirmaries, and cemeteries by providing public walking tours and evening feasts in historic restaurants. The 1865 Eldridge Hotel in Lawrence, Kansas was featured on  A&E Biography Channel My Ghost Story. recounting authentic people who’ve had an experience – like an elevator ghost that likes to change the cab’s direction. The fifth floor is said to contain a portal to the spirit world – especially room 506. In this room witnesses have reported breath marks on recently cleaned mirrors, doors opening and shutting on their own, and lights turning on and off by themselves.

Paloucci’s Restaurant in Atchison leads the way as the full apparition of a man has been collected several times. Perhaps he stays for the Physic Fun and Feasts put on by Ghost Tours of Kansas. Afterwards, walk along the riverfront where you might see Miss Ella parading her brothel girls up and down the riverbank. One tour guest captured Miss Ella and two other spirits in the same picture!

Holton’s small town charm brings big time ghosts! Hotel Josephine is noted for being the oldest running Hotel in the State of Kansas and Josephine herself is haunting her namesake! On the most haunted list, the former Holton B&B was a mortuary for 30 years! The Holton Country Club, the County Infirmary, the cemetery, the post office are all included on the haunted driving tour.

The Downtown Topeka Ghost Tour offers a history lesson of Topeka and the haunts associated with them. The State Capitol Building is haunted. The Jayhawk Hotel and Theater create a partnership of paranormal chaos. A full apparition of a bum in the alley of the Jayhawk was captured by a guest of the tour.

Santa Fe Depot Diner has laid its claim to the most haunted location in Leavenworth. Mr. Driscoll the former ticket taker, continues his tasks today, as he did many years ago. The cigar smoking gentleman seems content hanging around in the dining room not to mention Rose, the woman in the red dress who hangs out in the ladies bathroom.

Manhattan, Kansas, home of the campus ghosts! What would you do if a beautiful young ghostly gal climbed your bunk and stared directly into your eyes? What about the Job Youth Corp, a former nursing home and orphanage with a chute for the deceased patients and a cemetery in the back yard? Burning flesh, ghostly children, scary voices on the tape recorder, these are all some of the stories that will curl your toes! Hear all the updated stories of the frat house, a former hospital where a patient was abandoned and died a long death after he was missed in the move to the new hospital and wedged against the wall! Get your tickets for the fall season Ghost Tours of Kansas now!

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