Pumpkins and Corn Mazes

It’s time for pumpkin patches and corn mazes. Usually open during the month of October, these fall festivals offer acres with thousands of Pumpkins that you can wander around and choose the most perfectly round, the most creatively distorted, the smallest, the biggest, the ugliest, or the skinniest pumpkin for carving the most hideous, funniest, or scariest jack-o-lantern.


The more adventurous visitors cannot wait to lose each other in the Corn Mazes. Proprietors cultivate specific acreage planning for their fall festivals and aim for Tall stalks of corn, seven or eight feet tall and planted much closer than a normal crop. At harvest, the planners plot a maze that is guaranteed to “trap” the weary wanderer. Screamers from somewhere call out, “Help, I’m lost,” while rescuers get lost themselves trying to locate them!


In El Dorado, Kansas, Walter’s Pumpkin Patch is a giant, fun-filled Corn Maze offers an interesting challenge to kids of all ages, twisting and turning, sudden dead ends, and all while you are hunting through paths of corn high over your head. If you’re looking for pumpkins, ride the haywagon out to the Pumpkin Patch to pick your very own—one for mom, one for dad, and wait and see which of the kids picks a round one and who wants that tall spooky one with the twisted stem.


In Olathe Kansas, KC Pumpkin Patch is growing lots of pumpkins in the KC Pumpkin Patch, and around the farm there’s lots of other activities like friendly farm animals just waiting for your attention. They have a whopping-sized Jumping Pillow to keep you hopping — and a jolly little Barrel Train to take you bobbing around the farm. The Mazes never end! By the time you’ve tried them all, you’ll be so confused you might have trouble getting home. Try the Number Maze, the Arrow Maze, the ABC Maze, the No Right Turn Maze, the Red-White & Blue Maze, and the Red/Blue Fence Maze!


Ellis Kansas is proud of their Harvest of Pumpkins at Cottage Lane Pumpkin Patch & Candles. They have a Corn Maze, a zipline, and some farm animals for the kids. On special nights test your fear factor in the “midnight maze.” They also have a little gift shop with homemade candles.


Located in Buhler Kansas, the Gaeddert/Martisko Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch is the best Fall outdoor fun in the Wichita, Hutchinson, Salina and surrounding areas. Hours can be spent navigating your way through the 5-acre Corn Maze, or enjoying a hayrack ride out to the live pick-your-own Pumpkin Patch.  Save some time and energy for tons of fun on the huge jumping pillow and the ever-expanding aMAZEing PlayLand area.

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