Halloween Frolic and Parade

October 31, 1999

Halloween Frolic is the OLDEST PARADE in the NATION. It was was started in 1914 by Mrs. John Krebs, who wanted something for the children to do on Halloween so they wouldn't tear up the various flower beds around town. She invited all the children to her house for a party and a parade. The parade is held on the 31st unless it falls on a Sunday, then it is held on Saturday. There have been a few occasions when the date had to be changed due to school conflicts. School is dismissed the day of the parade so all the students can participate in the afternoon kiddie parade and other activities scheduled. The Grand Evening Parade starts at 7:15 PM with the introduction of the dignitaries and other honored guests. There is no parade entry fee and everyone is welcome to participate. The Halloweeen Queen who is the Grand Marshal of the parade is crowned earlier in the evening and is selected from contestants chosen by the area schools. The parade includes area school bands, floats, antique cars and tractors, and etc. 785-742-7136.

To: Brown County
To: Hiawatha