Big Creek River Festival

If you are a lover of great food, beautiful crafts, and wild and wacky fun, this is the event to attend. A change of location in 1993 to the Firestation Park and the addition of bathtub races in Big Creek has made the River Festival a smash success. Children's races, pasta-eating contests, and carnival rides are all included in the package. Assorted booths will tempt you with delicious edibles and crafty creations. This event has been held since 1988, and is always the first Saturday in June.

Bukovina Society of the Americas Conference

The Bukovina Society was formed in 1988 to promote the heritage of Bukovina German people who settled in this area. Each year people from several nations convene in Ellis for an international convention on Bukovina culture. The conference is usually held during the 3rd week of July.

Ellis Junior Free Fair

Something for everyone is on tap during the Fair, generally held during the last week of July. Each night, Tuesday through Saturday, is devoted to competition and exhibits for all ages. You will find sand volleyball and horseshoe tournaments, baseball games, children's games, and a free barbecue. An event popular with the spectators is the Farm Olympics.Members of the local organizations and business converge for a suprising array of competitive activities, including the cowchip toss and goat milking, which is sure to have everyone in stitches.

Ellis-Union Pacific Railroad Days

Held on the Saturday of the Free Fair Railroad Days gives an opportunity for the public to experience a taste of history.Traveling exhibits, train rides, and memorabilia remind us of the impact the railroad had on the taming of the western frontiers in general and on the founding of Ellis.

Ellis Oktoberfest

Even if you hadn't thought about attending this event, as soon as you catch a whiff of all the delightful German foods, you'll be on your way to the Firestation Park. From galouskies to bierocks, potatoes and dumplings to Kuchen (pastry), your mouth and your stomach will thank you for coming. Plan on spending the afternoon checking out the booths and listening to the musical entertainment, while your tummy makes room for one more helping of good eats. Look for the Oktoberfest on a Saturday in late September or early October.

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