Hodgden House Museum Complex

LASR - Ellsworth, Kansas - Hodgden House Museum ComplexThe Hodgden House Museum Complex can be found on old South Main in Ellsworth, Kansas. The street is located in the part of town which once prospered as a leading cowtown when Texas cattle drives came to this area between 1871 and 1875.

Several fires swept through the two main streets between 1874 and 1876. Several city blocks were destroyed. But the spirit of the times continue.Hodgeden House

The Hodgden House, built by Perry Hodgden, was the first private home to rebuild with stone after these fires. It was completed in 1878. The house was restored to its former elegance as one of the grand houses of Ellsworth in 1961. The Ellsworth County Historical Society established a museum on the site in 1963. The Hodgden House Museum Complex is decorated for Christmas each year with an open house in November.

The Complex Includes:

Log Cabin



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