Lane, Kansas

Lane, Kansas is named for the charismatic early Kansas politician, U.S. Senator and General, James Henry Lane. The town grew from a ford on Pottawatomie Creek called "Dutch Henry's Crossing". John Brown's Pottawatomie Massacre took place just north of Lane.

It was originally known as Shermanville in 1855 when a post office was established at the Sherman brothers' tavern at the Pottawatomie Crossing south of the creek. In 1858, following the massacre, the town of Lane was chartered. The arrival of the railroad in 1879-80 gave rise to the town of Emerson south of the tracks where the depot was located. To add to the confusion, the town of Avondale emerged south of Emerson and just to the east of Lane. A struggle for name identification continued for several years as was reported in the early Ottawa/Lane newspapers, but was finally resolved by a vote, and Lane began to prosper.

The quaint stone house south of the park on Kansas Avenue was built by an early Methodist minister.

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