LASR - Glacial Hills, Kansas LASR - Glacial Hills, Kansas
LASR - Glacial Hills, Kansas

Welcome to Glacial Hills of Northeast Kansas!

LASR - Glacial Hills, Kansas The Glacial Hills Region includes six counties in Northeastern Kansas. These counties of Atchison, Brown, Doniphan, Jackson, Jefferson and Nemaha invite you to experience the sights and attractions that make up this historic "corner" of Kansas. Being the oldest settled part of the state, these counties share a common history and heritage. They have many historic and cultural resources that are valuable assets to the region, and can offer a wide variety of experiences to suit individual tastes. A check of a road atlas will detail directions to the specific area of your choice.

Calendar of Events

The Glacial Hills in Spring

Exotic Animal Auction- Brown County.

Crafts & Hobbies Shows

White Cloud Flea Market- Doniphan County.

Glory Days- Jackson County.

The Glacial Hills in Summer

McLouth BBQ Blowout- Jefferson County.

Horsepower Days-
Jefferson County.

Pony Express Re-Ride- Brown/Nemaha Counties.

Territorial Capitol Festival- Jefferson County.

Old Settler's Reunion- Jefferson County.

Kickapoo PowWow- Brown County.

Steam Engine Show & Threshing Bee- Jefferson County.

Apple Valley Farm, Barn Theatre- Jefferson County.

County Fairs

The Glacial Hills in Fall

Fall Festivals

Old Albany Days-
Nemaha County.

French Market- Jackson County.

Baxoje Fall Encampment PowWow- Doniphan County.

Maple Leaf Festival, Heritage Day- Brown County.

Haunted Homes Tour

83rd Annual Halloween Parade- Brown County.

The Glacial Hills in Winter

Trolley Tour of Lights- Atchison

Robinson Melodrama

Destination Overview

This region has numerous historic sites with a background along the Lewis & Clark, Oregon or St. Joe Trails. Explore the original Pony Express route or learn about the Lane Trail and Underground Railroad.

Touring along the Missouri River Bluffs through the Glacial Hill's countryside one can leisurely take in the many historic barns. Meandering back to town, enjoy an afternoon break at one of several old soda fountains at any number of local pharmacies. Exceptional displays of architecture ranging from WPA Projects to rich Victorian Mansions can be found. Quaint Art Galleries, Churches, and Museums (many on the National Register of Historic Places) preserve the local history and traditions. Enjoy shopping in several historic turn-of-the-century downtown squares.

Four Native American Reservations are within this region. This provides a diversity of experiences for the traveling public through annual ceremonial Pow-Wows, bingo games, casinos and trading posts.

Special attractions throughout the area include: the Davis Memorial in Brown County, where eleven life-sized marble statues depict the lives of John Davis and his wife; Old Jefferson Town in Jefferson County displays ten vintage structures including the boyhood one of artist John Stewart Curry; Amelia Earhart's birth place in Atchison County; Tall Oaks located in Doniphan County is the 29th of 60 monuments of Indian culture in Peter Toth's Trail of the Whispering Giants; the Pony Express Museum in Nemaha County; and the many County Fairs in the summer are an annual treat.

Finally, you can relax at many fine recreational areas that are located in The Glacial Hills. In addition to hunting and fishing, outdoor recreationists can enjoy camping, hiking, bicycling and water sports. Or try one of several challenging 9 or 18 hole golf courses that are dotted across the region.

Group Tour Itineraries

Stroll And Samplings Tour- Savor the delightful tastes and aromas of historic Jefferson County by choosing this nostalgic country tour. A mixture of hands on history experienced at Old Jefferson Town as you stroll through the collection of eight restored and furnished vintage buildings, brought together from different locations around the county, to a leisurely afternoon of exploring and shopping several small rural downtowns.


Territorial Tour- A walk through the period of political struggle in the pre-state era of Kansas. The morning is spent visiting Old Jefferson Town and after a scenic drive along Lake Perry, going to the territorial capitol of Kansas, historic Lecompton. Enjoy touring Constitution Hall, a national landmark and site historic site. You will also visit Lane University Museum, originally planned to be the Kansas Capitol building.

1930's Excursion Ramble- Inspired by FDR's vision for putting America to work through the WPA and PWA programs, view original structures that have pasted the test of time. Other period architecture and the Davis Memorial, where John Davis used his life savings to commission the eleven life-sized marble statues in memory of his deceased wife, can be enjoyed in the rural Brown County setting.

Winding Patchwork Tour- Includes a potpourri of historic viewing: several "New Deal" projects; site of the first REA power plant built in the country; a scenic drive to visit the marker of one of the Pony Express change stations; and just enjoying some local flavor- such as a piece of homemade pie!

Ghost Town Tour- Travel back in time along the Missouri River Bluffs and be guided into the past on our Ghost Town Tour. It is evident that the river has "picked up her bed and moved", as the remains of these "towns" are now several miles form the river. Included are tours of the Native American Heritage Museum, and the city of White Cloud, whose downtown is listed as a National Historic District.

Soda Fountain Reunion- Have a sweet-tooth? Come home to the nostalgic sensations on our Soda Fountain Reunion. In the first half of the 20th century, hardly a Kansas town didn't boast of a soda fountain; they are now becoming rare. Sure to bring back the memories as we visit old soda fountains in rural communities.

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