Bogue is "a traditional family-centered community of young and old, who have historically united as one in support of our youth, our neighbors, our schools, and our churches."

Bogue, directly off Kansas Highway 18 and U.S. 24 and ten miles east of the county seat in Graham County, wears a face much changed from 1888, when it was founded. The original families are nearly all gone. However, there remains that same restless, energetic pioneer spirit in its people, who are by no means content to let Bogue stand idle. They are always ready to welcome good people who wish to call this busy yet peaceful town home.

Bogue gets its name from its founder Virgil Gay Bogue, a civil engineer working with the Union Pacific Railroad. Rumors of the coming railroad first inspired people to resettle here in this small town, nestled along the South Solomon River. The railroad was completed in 1888, and the traditional depot was one of the first buildings constructed in the brand-new town. After three months, the town boasted 103 inhabitants and 38 buildings. The pioneer families endured a life of hardship and sacrifice in building Bogue, and the same mental and spiritual toughness can be found in its people today.

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