Antelope LakeWhile Graham County has the usual recreational facilities found in other Northwest Kansas communities, it is outstanding in two areas: hunting and golfing. Graham County is located in the middle of some of the best upland game habitat in the United States, with over 68,000 acres enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program. CRP land, along with natural habitat along rivers and streams, we have a hunter's paradise.

Kansas Wildlife & Parks has a new program for upland game hunters entitled Walk-In Hunting.

The state contacts farmers and contracts with them to open part or all of their property to the public for hunting. In return, the state posts the ground and establishes the boundaries for public use. The area must be accessed on foot. This program is designed to open more hunting areas to the public by providing farmers protection from the two things they fear most: public liability and the problem of having hunters driving their vehicles all over their property. Farmers are paid a fee for their cooperation and encouraged to plant food plots and to leave portions of their property fallow for nesting habitat. A pilot program of this nature for fishermen is in the planning stage.

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