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Annual Events


Valentine's Day- Catered dinner held in Grade School
gym. Must make reservations in advance to attend.


Memorial Day- An entire day of activities starting off
with Memorial Services held in local and surrounding
cemeteries. Other activities include: 1, 2, and 4 mile
walk/run, bed races, lawnmower races, talent show, craft
and game exhibits, co-ed softball tournament, frog
races, and more! Also, Hill City has Memorial Day
festivities including hot air balloon rides. Ask for an
information brochure on both of these.


Bike across Kansas


Halloween- Come check out the largest pumpkin
contest, costume contest, and see some local
entertainment varying from short skits, to show choirs.


Christmas- Don't miss out on all of the area lights and
decorations, and while you are at it come join all of the
locals in singing Christmas carols around the lighted
tree on main street. Refreshments are provided.

Don't forget to see if there are any school activities going on during your time of visit.

If you would like more information on the annual events, just drop send an
e-mail at csbank@rural.tel.net

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