Welcome to Lyon County, Kansas!While much of the settlement of Lyon County was made by immigrants from other states, as early as 1857 many Welsh were arriving, and they continued to come in large numbers through the 1880's. French, Swiss, and German settlers began coming in the 60's, also. The Welsh came in the largest numbers, the Germans next, and the French third. The Welsh secured the bottom land whenever possible while the Germans took the high prairie land and made excellent farms of this land - only a decade or two earlier condemned as worthless.

The first road in Lyon County was the Santa Fe Trail, entering from Osage County in an east to west direction approximately 3 miles north of Admire.

"Out of this community of people, which for want of a better name we will call Anglo-Saxon, has been developed the towns and county that abide today. It was inevitable it should grow as it has grown. To understand it, to appreciate it, to love it all, we must know its seeds and the beginnings of its growth."

~William Allen White ~




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Established 1857. Located 11 miles NE of Emporia. Americus was originally the county seat when the county was named Breckinridge. The first county jail was located in Americus.


Established 1858. Located 20 miles SE of Emporia. Hartford was named by A.K. Hawkes in honor of his hometown, Hartford, Connecticut. It housed the Hartford Collegiate Institute, a branch of Baker University, the oldest school building in Lyon County.


Established 1859. Plymouth was established by Charles Humphrey 10 miles west of Emporia.

Neosho Rapids

Established 1857. Neosho Rapids was established by Jefferson Pigman. Neosho is an Osage Indian term, Neo-zho. The Townis located 8 miles east of Emporia.


Established 1867. John McManus named Reading after his hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania. It is located 20 miles north east of Emporia.


Established 1879. Olpe was named afterMr. Flusche's hometown of Olpe, Germany. Olpe is located 11 miles south of Emporia.


Established 1854. Allen was founded by Charles Withington, the county's first settler. Allen is located 15 miles north of Emporia.


Established 1886. Admire was named after Jacob Admire. It is located 21 miles north of Emporia.


Established 1910. Miller was founded by the Clyde Miller family. It is located 27 miles north east of Emporia.


Established 1886. Bushong was originally name Weeksafter its founder, Joseph Weeks. It is located 18 miles north of Emporia.


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