Arnold, Kansas

Old Bank BuildingArnold is located in northern Ness County on highway K-4. It's beside tracks that were part of the Denver, Memphis, & Atlantic railroad which later became part of the Missouri Pacific.

The Arnold State Bank was built in 1910 and chartered July 2, 1910 with Hilda Preston as cashier. Hilda continued as cashier until the bank closed in 1960. After Hilda married Leslie Frye he also worked in the bank.

Julius Huxman, a stockholder in the first lumber yard established in Arnold, became manager of the facility in 1915, and in a short time bought the yard, handling lumber, Mccormick-Deering implements, grain and coal. This business was advertised on a 1930 calendar as "Julius Huxman - Lumber, Grain & Coal". Records show that in 1920, Will Giess was his right hand man in the business. Mr. Giess later managed the facility and held this position until his death in 1939. later,
Albert Dubbs and Julius Huxman became partners in the operation and the name was changed to Huxman & Dubbs. As the years passed, shares were eventually either handed down to the next generation or sold. After the death of Julius Huxman, each of his ten children were share owners.

Arnold Schools

Arnold Union School District #1 was organized in 1918. The first schoolhouse was a one room frame building which housed 20 students. As the enrollment increased another building was moved in and joined to the south side of the existing building which provide a four room schoolhouse.

In 1919, Union District #1 provided a two year high school course. In 1920, as more students became interested, a four year high school course was arranged. The high school was first accredited for the year 1921-22 in Class D.

In the school's 42 year history, a total of 1311 students were enrolled for an average of 31 students per year. A total of 282 students were graduated from the Arnold High School.

In 1960, Arnold consolidated with Ransom, Brownell joined a year later, and established what is now Unified School District 302.

The building served USD #302 as an elementary school until 1969, then the building was vacated and sold leaving the once proud high school empty after 46 years. The building still stands, but the years of neglect are beginning to show.

School history from: History of Arnold High School 1918–1960 by Dale Haug

United Methodist Church (785) 731-2374 K-4 & Main

The church records begin about 1893. As of 1998 there were 114 memberships. The church is now a member of the United for Christ charge, a joining of the Methodist Churches of four towns in northern Ness County. Services are held at Brownell - 8:00am, Ransom - 9:00am, Arnold - 10:00am, and Utica - 11:00am

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