LASR - Welcome to Osborne, KansasWhen one thinks of the central part of the United States, not only should they think of Kansas, but they should think Osborne, Kansas. Located just south of Osborne is the North American Geodetic center. Placed in 1891, the geodetic marker is the initial point for North American surveys and maps.

As early as 1871, Osborne has been welcoming travelers to the heart of America. Incorporated in 1879, Osborne is named for Civil War Veteran, Captain Vincent Osborne.

Early pioneer settlers found the area's fertile soils and extended growing season conducive for grain production. Today's visitor can witness the production of wheat, corn and milo grains that contribute to the area's economic base.

For the outdoor enthusiast, Osborne area can be the sportsman's paradise. Four lakes, all within 40 miles of Osborne, offer boating, fishing, swimming and camping. Osborne is also in the midst of some of the best pheasant and quail hunting you will find in the midwest.

The Osborne visitor can enjoy the outdoor activities at the municipal swimming pool, tennis courts or just spend some time enjoying one of the three parks located in the community.

Osborne is located at the junction of U.S. Highways 281 and 24, just 45 minutes north of Interstate 70.

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