In 1882, the Leavenworth, Kansas, and Western, a narrow gauge railroad known as The L.K. & W. was built from Leavenworth and the town of Leonardville was established. Folks began to move from Union (now Riley) to Leonardville. Several houses and one of the hotels were moved. The hotel was too large to move in one piece so they cut it in two and then had to take off all the plaster and remove the chimney before they arrived there.

The town was originally named Alembic, and changed after the railroad came through in honor of Leonard T. Smith, president of the Railroad Company who had been instrumental in directing the railroad to Leonardville.

Today it is home to 401 residents, and being located in western Riley County on Highway 24, it enjoys the benefits of being midway between Kansas' two largest recreational reservoirs, Tuttle Creek Reservoir and Milford Reservoir, both within 15 miles.

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