Toronto's fine location adjacent to Toronto State Park on Toronto Reservoir offers many recreational and learning experiences for the entire family. The closing of the High School in 1968 and of the business office of the Kansas Telephone Company reduced the population, but we are compensated by Senior Citizens choosing to make their retirement homes here. The people of Toronto welcome you!!

Immigrants traveled to the Toronto area during the late 1850's. In 1869, the town site was laid out by Enoch Reeves, who was president of the Toronto Town Company and the town was called Reeves. When a representative from the county, Albert B. Meann attended the legislature in Topeka about 1874, the name was changed to "Revere". A groups of immigrants from Canada gave the name Toronto (after Toronto, Canada) to this new town on the site less than a mile east of a large, gently flowing river, named the Verdigris, and one half mile east of the Greenwood county line. The town was laid out with Main Street running east and west. It was organized on February 3, 1885, at a city election. The first cabins were built of native lumber. A saw mill was built which turned out much of the lumber was also hauled in from Fort Scott and Garnett. After a few families had settled here a school was built and later moved to the city square on south Broad Street. It was a long frame building ill prepared to withstand the ravages of the winds that swept across the prairie. The post office was established in 1881, before this time, mail came by horseback twice a week. Later it was carried by buckboard from Humboldt and from El Dorado. Since early days Toronto always had a newspaper. Such names as The Topic, The Toronto Record, Republican Record, and finally The Toronto Republican, established in 1884. It had several owners and editors until its consolidation with The Yates Center News in the late 1960's. A public well furnished water to many residences and businesses. Hitch rails were along the street and there were several livery stables.

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