Protection, Kansas

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Hwy 160
Protection KS 67127
Ph: 620-622-4526

Attractions near Protection, Kansas

Bone Creek Reservoir Fishing Report

WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT ACCURATE FISHING REPORTS: This is just to remind you that fishing reports are given with the bes...

Opothle Yahola

Speaker - Prophet - Medicine Man of the Upper Creek Nation Opothle Yahola was born in the late 1700s in the tribal town...

Lake Coldwater Wildlife Viewing

There are deer to be seen with the best area typically being the locust grove below the dam. As you boat or hike look for be...

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TORNADOFEST! Multiple Tornadoes at Protection, Kansas - April 23, 2007

A memorable chase from 2007! An incredible supercell produces multiple tornadoes around the town of Protection, Kansas on April 23, 2007, including three at ...

Ozthunder USA Strom Chase 2013. Protection. Kansas, Lovely rotating supercell, 7th May 2013

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How to Say or Pronounce USA Cities — Protection, Kansas

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Children Receive Polio Vaccinations in Protection, Kansas

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5/8/2013 Protection, KS Funnel Hail Supercell

An outbreak of severe weather impacts Kansas and Oklahoma with large hail and beautiful storms! This is the first of a three day stint of severe weather acro...