Fort Sill, Oklahoma

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Attractions near Fort Sill, Oklahoma

National Lighter Museum

Unique collection of thousands of lighters and fire-making devices. ...

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Sardis Lake Nature Trails

The Lost Buffalo Trail is located in the Potato Hills Recreation Area. The trail connects Potato Hills Central Camping area t...

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Basic Combat Training, Fort Sill, OK 2013, A 1-31 FA

The full BCT training experience at Fort Sill. This is just a snipit of what we all went through starting January 2nd. To those friends and family that want ...

Lawton-Fort Sill Tourism

Tourism is the third largest industry in Oklahoma and a significant component of our local economy. Lawton Fort Sill attracted 613000 visitors last year at ...

basic training fort sill

Army basic combat training.fort sill oklahoma. BRAVO 1/40th FA BN jan 2012.

Drill Sgt at Ft Sill OK funny shit

you get bored at AIT so we found a few ways to stay busy. We were at Ft Sill Oklahoma for 13 Bravo training. its some good stuff.

Fort Sill, Oklahoma in 1950s

Video of Fort Sill, Oklahoma -- Artillery Center of the World -- in the 1950s. Shows buildings McNair Hall and Searby Hall. Includes the main base area and t...