Thedford, Nebraska

Thedford, Nebraska

Thedford is "The Hub of the Hills" located on the intersection of the North American Trade Corridor, US 83 north and south, paving the way from Canada to Mexico, and the newly designated scenic byway, Highway 2, east and west, the Sandhills Journey.

Amidst the contrasting beauty of the Sandhills and the Nebraska National Forest, Thedford maintains fulfilling lifestyles for its multi-generational population. It is not uncommon to find three and four generation families in this region. Children still grow up close to their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. In addition to this long-time permanent population, there is a group of "new comers." These individuals like the feel of life in Thedford and have chosen to either return here as adults or find Thedford an acceptable new home for various reasons.

Thedford is a thriving community of nearly 400 with a variety of businesses and entrepreneurs for the size of the population. Thedford, as the county seat, houses county and state offices and four churches as well as K-12 schools. There are full service gas stations with convenience stores, a diesel repair shop, motels, lounges, a grocery store, lumber and hardware store, construction companies, a veterinary clinic, an art gallery, and newspaper office.

Maintenance of the town and community pride are revealed through a sense of identification with a neat, respectable and conservative atmosphere. In addition, people living here have a perception of individuality and uniqueness. This ideology has carried forward from the past as has the value of continuing to perform traditional sills and heritage crafts.

When asking the question, "Why Thedford, Nebraska?", the answer becomes long and complex. The people, geography, beauty, diversity, and heritage, all link together resulting in a place that is comfortable to live in and enjoyable to visit.

Attractions and Upcoming Events

Discover Llamas

An outing to Rainbow Llamas owned by the Dickman's of Thedford, Nebraska, is educational as well as enjoyable, and the Dickmans are outstanding hosts and can answer all questions about llamas and their care.

Thedford, NE One Of A Kinds

Thomas County Courthouse

Following the establishment of Thomas County, Thedford became the county seat in 1887, and a courthouse was built two years later. The courthouse served the county well until it was destroyed in a fire in 1920. After some delays a special election was held in 1923

Thedford, NE Historic Courthouses

Thomas County Historical Society Museum

The area's newest museum is the Thomas County Historical Society Museum. Each room of the former residence of one of Thedford'

Thedford, NE Museums

Nebraska National Forest

The Nebraska National Forest, located one mile west of Halsey and twenty minutes from Thedford along Highway 2 offers some of the most fabulous scenery in the state. It's been called a forest planted in the desert -- a ponderosa pine wilderness in the middle of the sandhills.


Thedford, NE National Forests

Thedford Art Gallery

This major attraction is a surprising discovery for many visitors ... even more so when they learn that it is owned and totally supported by a small art group ... the Thedford Art Guild. It is an inspiration for fellow artists and travelers alike, and a warm welcome is extended to all!

Thedford, NE Arts

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