Marion Lake, KS

Marion Lake Fishing

Marion Reservoir FishingMarion Reservoir Fishing
During the past few years the conditions for fishing have been excellent here because of unique conditions that occurred several years back. In the late 80s and early 90s there was a localized drought that caused the water level to be eight feet blow normal for several years, allowing a lot of vege... continue

Marion Lake Camping

Marion Reservoir CampingMarion Reservoir Camping
Camping and picnicking opportunities are numerous with over 160 campsites located in four parks. Cottonwood Point and Hillsboro Cove include tables, grills, sun shelters, electrical hook-ups, showers, RV sump stations, group camping areas, playgrounds and beaches. Marion Cove and French Creek Cove i... continue

Marion Lake Boating

Marion Reservoir BoatingMarion Reservoir Boating
Seven boat ramps around the reservoir make is accessible for those who enjoy the rush of water skiing or jet skiing. The reservoir has several coves that offer sheltered areas for such activities, as well as swimming and picnics. Cottonwood Point has two ramps with four lanes and along with Hillsb... continue

Marion Lake Trails

Marion Reservoir Trails
For nature lovers who don't care to pursue the water sports, a 1-mile nature trail, called Willow Walk Trail, has been built at Cottonwood Point to highlight the natural habitat of the area. Much of the trail is under the shade of trees, making it an enjoyable walk during warm summer afternoons.... continue

Marion Lake Hunting

Marion Reservoir Hunting
Upland game hunter will find a mixed bag, including pheasants, quail, squirrels, rabbits, turkeys and white-tail deer. A large percentage of the perimeter of the lake is maintained as a public hunting area by the Corps. Waterfowl Hunters will find good populations of Canada, snow and white-front g... continue

Marion Lake Fishing Reports

Marion Reservoir Fishing Report
WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT ACCURATE FISHING REPORTS: This is just to remind you that fishing reports are given with the best intentions to help you catch fish. And do remember fishing reports given a few hours ago can change due to a whole list of circumstances. But ---- they are sti... continue

Marion Lake Organizations

Kansas Walleye Association
You are invited to the five scheduled tournaments at some of the finest lakes in Kansas. The KWA welcomes anglers of all ages. It is tournament fishing for fun. Many of our teams consist of men and women, parent and child, grandparent and grandchild, cousins, friends a... continue

About Marion Lake

Marion Lake, Kansas
According to power index, Marion Reservoir ranks No. 1 in the state of Kansas for walleye fishing, according to KSPWC. In addition, hunting, hiking, camping, wind surfing, boating, swimming, surf bathing, bird watching and picnicking are available at one large Corps of Engineers lake in the center of Marion County. Marion Reservoir encompasses 6,200 acres of water, surrounded by another 6,000 acres of public lands.