Medicine Creek Reservoir, NE

Medicine Creek Reservoir Fishing

Medicine Creek Fishing
White bass fishermen find some real enjoyment taking these scrappy fighters from the deep water early in the summer and later off the top, when the shad hatch develops in July and August. The headwaters and most of the lake's accessible shoreline provide some hefty channel cats and an ... continue

Medicine Creek Reservoir Hunting

Medicine Creek Hunting
In the fall, hunters find that Medicine Creek is one of the finest public hunting areas in the state. Its wildlife lands lie in the heart of southwest Nebraska's pheasant and quail range. Over 5, 500 acres have been extensively managed for wildlife habitat. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and... continue

Medicine Creek Reservoir Camping

Medicine Creek Camping
Facilities at Medicine Creek for camping and picnicking range from the most modern to just the essentials. Shady Bay Campground on Trail No. 4 on the east side of the lake has 77 hardsurfaced camping pads. Most are shaded, and there are 34 electrical hookups (30 amp). A top-notch camping spot... continue

About Medicine Creek Reservoir

Medicine Creek Reservoir, Nebraska
Medicine Creek Reservoir has 1,800 surface acres of water and is rated by many visitors as one of Nebraska's loveliest recreation spots. Medicine Creek State Recreation Area and wildlife lands encompass some 8,500 acres of public land and water. The dam on Medicine Creek is a zoned, earth-filled structure 165 feet high and 5,665 feet long. At the top conservation pool, the lake covers 1,850 surface acres, with 29 miles of shoreline. Completed in 1949, the dam is 30 feet across top and 840 feet thick at the base. Water stored irrigates some 16, 630 acres of land.

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