Tappan Lake, OH

Tappan Lake, Ohio

Tappan Lake with 2,350 surface acres is a popular destination for boating, fishing, swimming, and camping. Harrison County is home to three of the ten lakes operated by the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District ("MWCD"). The lakes operated by MWCD are the impoundments contained behind dams built for flood control purposes in the 1930s and currently operated by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.

MWCD operates Tappan Lake Park, which offers 600 campsites, rental cabins, a public beach, a boat launch ramp, docking facilities, 8 miles of hiking trails, and picnic areas. The lake has a full service marina, two public boat launch ramps outside the park, dock rental, boat rental, a roadside rest area, and restaurants. A 299 horsepower limit is enforced on Tappan Lake.

Tappan Lake is near a restored Indian village at Shoenbrunn State Park and the outdoor historical drama, "Trumpet in the Land."

The Tappan - Moravian Trail Scenic Byway provides an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the views along two beautiful lakes surrounded by heavily wooded hills.

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Tappan Lake Huntingmore

Lake Tappan Hunting
MWCD offers most of its 15,000 acres of land in Harrison County for public hunting purposes. Small game thrives on these undeveloped lands, and white tail deer and wild turkey are available in abundant numbers. Each year more than 2,700 deer are harvested, and more than 500 turkeys are taken annually.

Tappan Lake Trailsmore

Lake Tappan Trails
The Tappan - Moravian Trail Scenic Byway provides an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the views along two beautiful lakes surrounded by heavily wooded hills. In addition to the lakes, the Byway follows a portion of the historic Moravian Trail. This trail was originally used by Delaware and Wyandote Indians, then by Moravian Missionaries and then became a major stagecoach route. The trail follows the ridge above the south side of Tappan Lake, passes through the historic village of Deersville, past a restored log cabin, through Feed Springs, a natural stopping place for water in the covered wagon days, and past many scenic farms edged by hardwood forests.

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Tappan Lake Information

Location: U.S. Route 250, between Cadiz and Uhrichsville, Ohio

Contact: 740-922-3649

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