Tenkiller Hiking Trails

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Spectacular rock formations, huge boulders, and frequent glimpses of the lake can be seen along Standing Rock Nature Trail. The trail (about 1 1/4 miles in length) is made up of two loops, each with two segments of shorter trails - Big Pine and Three sisters on the first loop, and Big Cedar and Hi-Knob on the second loop. Much of the old world atmosphere prevails on the winding trail over hills and valleys in the Standing Rock area.

The Buzzard Roost Trail at Cato Creek Landing (11/2 miles in length) winds along a circular pathway beside a creek. It features a buzzard roost on a high bluff, a spring that was once a source of water for Indians living in the valley, an old military wagon road, and a wooden foot bridge supported by large limestone boulders. At a point one-fourth of the way to the trail's end, the two segments come within a few feet of each other allowing persons who prefer not to walk the entire trail to turn back, yet be on a different pathway.

The Overlook Nature Trail is located at the Tenkiller Dam Overlook. The trail consists of two segments. The first segment of the trail (11/4 miles in length) winds through the woods from the Overlook to Highway 10A (near the Methodist Boys Ranch). The second segment of the trail continues on from Highway 10A and ends at Strayhorn Public Use Area. The trail winds through the woods with several foot bridges, rock formations, and creeks located along its length. A variety of wildlife such as squirrels and deer are also frequently seen along the trail.

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