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Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge, Colorado

Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), situated at an elevation of 8,200 feet, is located in an intermountain glacial basin in north-central Colorado. The Refuge was established in 1967 primarily to provide suitable nesting habitat for migratory birds. The Refuge's 24,804 acres supports diverse wildlife habitats, including sagebrush-grassland uplands, grassland meadows, willow riparian areas, and wetlands. Bird life is abundant during the spring, summer, and fall with waterfowl, shorebirds, raptors, and neotropical (song) birds making up the bulk of the nesting species. Mule deer, pronghorn, elk, and moose use the Refuge habitats throughout the year. Small mammals are represented by white-tailed prairie dogs, Richardson's ground squirrels, cottontail, jackrabbit, badger, beaver, muskrat, mink, and weasel. Leopard, wood, and striped chorus frogs and tiger salamanders, along with the wandering garter snake, are the only amphibians and reptiles found at the Refuge.


Directions:To reach the Refuge visitor center and headquarters, travel 8 miles south of Walden, Colorado, on Highway 125, turn east off the highway on County Road 32 and travel 1 mile. The auto tour route is 4 miles south of Walden, Colorado, on Highway 125. Turn west off the highway to begin the tour.



Fish and Wildlife Service
953 Jackson County Road #32 Walden,  CO  80480 0457 Phone: 970-723-8202 Email:

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