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Keswick Reservoir, California

Keswick Dam and reservoir are features of the Central Valley Project - Shasta/Tinity River Divisions. The dam creates a 23,800-acre-foot afterbay for Shasta Lake. Keswick Dam has migratory fish-trapping facilities in conjunction with the Coleman Fish Hatchery, 25 miles downstream on Battle Creek. The salmon and steelhead are trapped as they reach the dam, then transported to the fish hatchery for milking. Keswick Reservoir does not have salmon or steelhead; it does have a healthy population of wild trout, including German browns and rainbows. The majority of the fish are native. The California Department of Fish and Game occasionally plants fish in the Keswick Reservoir. Effective fly fishing, spin fishing, and bait fishing. Boat launching facilities on the south end of the reservoir. Excellent shore access on the west. Very light fishing pressure.

Directions:Located 9 miles downriver from Shasta Dam. The nearest highway is 299 West.


Bureau of Reclamation
Shasta County 1855 Placer Redding,  CA  96001 Phone: 530-225-5661

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