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Piedmont Lake, Ohio

Salt Fork Lodge and State Park are near this 2,700-acre lake. Golden Age and Golden Access and other Federal recreation passports are not honored by the state. <p>For tours of the Piedmont Lake Flood Control Facilities, contact the Piedmont Lake Project Supervisor at (740) 968-4440.

Directions:Access to the project is one of two ways: On I-77, take exit 47 at Cambridge, Ohio, and go east on Rt. 22 for 23 miles; or off I-70, take exit 202, go north on State Rt. 800 to State Rt. 22, and go east on Rt. 22 for about 3 miles to the Project.


US Army Corps of Engineers
RR 1 Piedmont,  OH  43983-9721 Phone: 740-968-4440 Email:

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