Lake Pleasant, Arizona Fall Fishing

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Arizona Fall Fishing —-Well, I have noticed that my favorite time of the year to go fishing at Lake Pleasant or for that matter any of the Arizona desert lakes is just now starting to show itself.  The nights are getting cooler which in turn cools the lakes off and starts a fall pattern of fishing that can be some real fun.

The lowering of temperatures and even the shorter time for daylight helps to drop the water temperature of Lake Pleasant into the range which triggers prime activity for bass and other fish species in the lake.  And let’s face it — it’s sure more comfortable when a 113 degree sun isn’t trying to fry your shoes off your feet.

During this time of the year the fish begin to move more to shallower points and coves where they can find bait fish schools to feed on.  The best is when you can find these groups real Cialis of bait fish and literally work your bait or lure into or next to the school.  My preference is to get my line to the side or below where fish think that it’s wounded or just slow and becomes in their mind an easy meal.

When fall first begins but technically isn’t “all” here do realize that you might start shallow in the morning and move deeper as the day goes on due to the fact that it’s what the fish typically do.  As far as baits go I have had luck in the early hours with top water baits.  Lots of fun there.  Nothing like bringing in your top water lure virtually in front of you and having a fish smack it right there.  If you’re still in your seat do try and remember to set the hook.  As the sun rises I like to try spinners.  As I move to deeper water it means dropshot, jigging or dropping and raising spoons at your chosen depth creating a fluttering downward motion of the spoon which fish think is an injured minnow and again an easy meal. These presentations allow me to go down more than 15′ with ease.  At times I use live bait.  If within the laws of the state I like to net or purchase whatever baitfish the fish are feeding on such as shad.  This type of fishing is actually one of my favorites.  I use a larger bait if possible -3″ or so.  Seems to produce larger fish. I let the weight of the fish and typically a lighter sinker take it down to the depth that I want.   With live bait you can let it be still and sit back and eat a snack or use it as you would your spoon bait.   And when I do get a bite and set the hook it’s always an interesting time at Lake Pleasant to see if it is a Large mouth Bass, Striped Bass, White Bass, Black Crappie, White Crappie or Catfish.

Typically the best time to go is during the week just because it’s not as crowded.  If you have a boat then it doesn’t really matter because the lake is large and there’s always a spot you can try without being next to someone.

Here is a link to some info on Lake Pleasant, AZ if you’re looking for a nice getaway.

Have the great day and make sure you take a kid fishing.


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