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Alfalfa County Museum The Alfalfa County Museum occupies the 1929 National Historic Cherokee Hotel, that to this day is the tallest four story building in Alfalfa County.

Currently the museum's displays are set up on three floors of the building. The downstairs area has an old fashioned kitchen with a turn of the century stove and utensils used by the settlers.

The second floor features a large room depicting a typical school room, complete with old style desks, slate, books, and a bell. Other theme rooms featured are a sewing room, a military room, a hospital room exhibiting equipment from the old Masonic Hospital in Cherokee, a typical bedroom of the old hotel, and a trophy room.Custer Piano

One of the featured pieces, displayed in the former lobby of the Cherokee Hotel is an oblong grand piano. The piano, made in New York, was designed in the elongated configuration so it would fit in a Conestoga wagon.

Custom built in 1849, the piano was sold and moved by an oxen team to Michigan, and owned by the sister of General George Armstrong Custer. Custer was known to have spent much time playing on it when visiting her.

In the collection of had made quilts, there is one dated 1893, which was when the Cherokee strip opened for the land run.

Another prize is an early 1900 pump organ that plays. And there is a "1,000 piece horse collection" which spans some seven decades. The horses are of various materials.

Admission: Free
Hours: Open by Appointment Only
Address: 119 West Main
Phone: 580-596-2402

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