Barnard, Kansas

Lucy invites you to Barnard, Kansas. No one knows a town like a native and Lucy, who knows everyone from street up, thinks you\'ll love the \"everyone knows everyone (and their business)\" little town.

The area was settled beginning at the Ottawa County line in 1878 progressing westward through the fertile Salt Creek valley to the present town site. Issac (Doc)Ballard was the first settler to file a claim on a quarter section of land located in what is now West Barnard. The town was named for John Fiske Barnard, a general manager for one of the Santa Fe Railroad\'s operating divisions at the time the Barnard branch was built.

The Barnard of today has twelve operating businesses, a U.S. Post Office, The mail route, and two churches -- United Methodist and Baptist. The Baptist church and parsonage were built in the early 1960\'s of native stone which is abundant in the surrounding hill sides. Surrounding the town is the rich farm land of the Salt Creek valley and the luxuriant grasslands which have been enhanced in recent years by the construction of several watershed dams. Fishing and hunting are popular and a Hunting Lodge has been established for the convenience of sportsmen.

And Lucy? Lucy belongs to Betty\'s twelve year old daughter, Jesse. Lucy is one of those stray, take-over, mutt-hound mixes who sleeps in the middle of the street. She won\'t move for anyone so make sure you do, around her. Lucy thinks Barnard is a good place to stay and that you should travel in, slow down, and get acquainted with Betty and Jesse over on of those huge, delectable rolls. Oh, don\'t forget to ask about petting the town mascot, herself, out in the middle of the street.

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