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Carry Nation Home Carry A. Nation was a woman who changed the course of Kansas history. In 1880, Kansas adopted a constitutional amendment prohibiting the sale of intoxicating beverages, except for medicinal purposes. The shopkeepers in Kansas violated the law and Carry asked God to use her to save Kansas. She began her crusade against alcohol by smashing her first saloon with ricks and bricks in 1889, in Kiowa, Kansas. After closing all the saloons in Barber County, she went to Wichita where she used an iron rod strapped to her cane to break up the saloons and their contents. She was thrown in jail and was labeled "the hatchet lady" by newspaper reporters. Then the hatchet became her weapon to attempt to enforce the prohibition laws.

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Indian Peace Treaty Pageant

The Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty Pageant compresses three hundred years of history into two hours of education and entertainment as big as life in a setting that looks as it must have in 1867

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Historic Grand Hotel

Historic Grand HotelUp to a short time ago, this partially restored hotel featured restaurant facilities in the basement with an excellent decor and a supper club on the second floor. However, it is closed at the present time.

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Carry Nation Home

Carry A. Nation was a woman who changed the course of Kansas history. In 1880

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Medicine Lodge Stockade Museum

The Stockade Museum is enclosed by a replica frontier stockade. The museum displays a multitude of photographs and artifacts which help tell the fascinating story of Medicine Lodge and the surrounding area in the 1870s. Also, an 1877

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