Cherokee Queen I & II

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Cherokee Queen I & II Cherokee Queen I has been one of Grand Lake's most popular and unique attractions sinceshewas assembled and launched in 1945. Over the years, her original charm and character have been enhanced so thqtshe really is reminiscent of the heyday of riverboats on the mississippi. This twin-decked, 67' boat welcomed a new, larger sister ship in late '89. the Cherokee Queen II is 108' long, 47' high and weighs 168 tons. she can accommodate 390 passengers for dinner. Three decks, two dance floors, three snack bars and beautiful wood paneling add to the attractive decor throughout. The Cherokee Queen II was honored asthe "Attraction of the Year" by the Oklahoma Travel Industry Association in 1989.

Air-conditioning and heating assure comfort in any kind of weather. A delicious buffet served on dinner cruises and special charters features rounds of beef, chicken, fresh salads and delicious desserts.

The Cherokee Queen provides a memorable setting for any type of get-together - from weddings and birthdays to church outings, sorority fun, family reunions or field trips for school children to view the pelicans. Burises glide past beautiful homes, Shangri-LaResort, Har-Ber Village and the inspiring lakeside scenery of high bluffs and gently slping landscapes.

The Cherokee Queen's docking area is located at Sailboat Bridge in Grove. Once you arrive, the Cherokee Landing has ample room with a sanck bar and gift shop to enjoy whilewaiting for the next departure.

Address: 11350 Highway 59 North
Phone: 918-786-4272

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