Attractions and Upcoming Events

Kit Carson Museum

Site of Lucien Maxwell & Kit Carson's 1848 fortified settlement. Carson's reconstructed home offers a glimpse of 1850

Cimarron, NM Museums

Villa Philmonte

Summer home of oilman Waite Phillips. Built in 1926-27

Cimarron, NM Famous Homes

Cimarron Canyon State Park

Features Cimarron Palisades, 400-foot-high crenellated granite formations. Campsites, rainbow/

Cimarron, NM Recreation

Things to do near Cimarron, NM

Springer Lake

Prize-winning northern pike, catfish. Picnicking, camping....

Elizabethtown Museum

Original 1860s building, history, nearby cemetery....

Pecos National Historical Park

Pueblos, Spanish colonial mission ruins, abandoned by 1838. Santa Fe Trail Landmark. Kozlowski's Ranch was SFT stage station....

Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge

Waterfowl, eagles....

City of Las Vegas Museum / Rough Riders Collection

Memorabilia, Indian artifacts, city history, Santa Fe Trail exhibit....