Cimarron National Grassland Flora

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Cimarron National Grassland Flora For the majority of the year, the grassland\'s \"at glance\" vegetation consists of a large variety of short to mid-height prairie grasses and forbs, which are extremely interesting to the botanist. But during spring - provided there is sufficient moisture - the prairie comes alive with wildflowers.

While there is a list of plant species found on the Cimarron National Grassland, those species commonly known as wildflowers have never been specifically listed. Briefly, our wildflower species are primarily those of various cactus species, penstemons and helianthus, but there are many, many others that lend brilliance and interest to the display.

If folks would like to visit the Grassland to view wildflowers, there are a few suggestions to keep in mind. Since the wildflower display depends on the spring rainfall amounts, it is advisable to telephone the office a few weeks prior to the anticipated visit to determine if rainfall has been sufficient to produce blooming. Likewise, if folks are interested in viewing a specific specie, they might contact the office to see if that specie is blooming at the time of visitation.

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Cimarron National Grassland Flora

For the majority of the year, the grassland\'s \"at glance\"

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