Dale Hollow Lake Trails

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Dale Hollow Lake Trails Red Oak Ridge Trail

Located 8 miles north of Celina, Tennessee off highway 53, hosts 18 miles of beautiful and scenic trails developed for horseback riding. Beginning on a wooded ridgetop, riders can descend to follow the pristine Dale Hollow Shoreline. Seven loops provide for cutbacks to shorten or lengthen the trail. Eagles Bluff Overlook provides for one of the most spectacular vistas of Dale Hollow Lake. Hikers are welcome. A corral, storm shelter, and stalls are available. Free primitive camping permit required for overnight stays. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited and coggins papers required. Follow the signs toward Holly Creek Marina and Red Oak Ridge.

Accordion Bluff Hiking Trail
(trail is temporarily closed for safety reasons)

An 8-mile stretch of scenic trail that connects the Lillydale and Willow Grove Campgrounds, both located approximately 20 miles north of Livingston, Tennessee. This natural soil surface trail winds along the shoreline of Dale Hollow, ascends to the ridge-top and then returns back toward the shoreline. The area is thickly forested and contains some old growth timber. Accordion Bluff is ideal for birders and wildflower enthusiasts. Parking is available at each trailhead.

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Dale Hollow Lake USCOE Campgrounds

USACE Dale Hollow Campground ** Campground opening and closing dates are subject to change ** Open Date Close Date 2008 April 1 Nov. 3 2009 April 1 Nov. 2

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Dale Hollow Lake Fishing

Dale Hollow Lake is home of the world record Smallmouth. More trophy smallmouth have been take from this lake, than any body of water in the world. Dale Hollow's deep clear water holds many trophy largemouth and spotted bass. Spots over 5 lbs. are caught every year. Smallmouth * <

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Dale Hollow Lake Boating

Dale Hollow's forested shoreline and pristine waters make it an ideal spot for boating and skiing. Fifteen commercial marinas, situated at various locations on the lake, provide easy access and supplies for boaters. Of the 27,700 surface acres of water and 620

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Dale Hollow Lake Trails

Red Oak Ridge Trail Located 8 miles north of Celina, Tennessee off highway 53, hosts 18

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