Elk City, Oklahoma

Elk City, Oklahoma

Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere, Elk City has always been called Elk City. It is true that in an attempt to lure a brewery here, some enterprising townsfolk tried to change the name to Busch, but they were defeated.

Elk City has its Route 66 roots, as the Mother Road stretches east and west across the county and through the city. The 1931 US Highway 66 Association held its annual convention in Elk City. More than 20,000 people attended! the site of the convention was the Casa Grande Hotel, which is now the Anadarko Basin Museum of Natural History. In its heyday, the Hotel was advertised as the only fireproof hotel between Oklahoma City and Amarillo. It is an easy building to spot. Just look for the 179 foot oil derrick in its parking lot.

The Old Town Museum on the west side of town keeps growing and growing. There is an authentic turn-of-the-century gingerbread style home, a pioneer church, a one room school, a railroad depot, a Native American teepee, and, of course, the National Route 66 Museum. There is even a Farm and Ranch Museum in the big red barn behind the Route 66 Museum. Further west is the Queenan Trading Post. Its name painted on the brick is nearly gone and the store is no longer in business, but both of the famous oil drum kachinas that once graced the front have been restored and can now be seen in front of the National Route 66 Museum.

Some of the Route 66 literature refers to the Cozy Cabins. It is an old motel located on Van Buren, the north/south leg of 66 in town. When it went out of business, residents persuaded the owner not to tear it down so future Route 66 travelers could enjoy it. So, it continues to stand. Also along the Van Buren leg is the old Red Ball station. During the oil boom of the early 80s, Elk City underwent a flurry of building activity. Many classic Route 66 sites were lost, but somehow, the Van Buren stretch with its "less desirable" places was spared.

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Parker Drilling Rig

Parker Drilling Company Rig 114 is 181' tall, one of the world's tallest and one of the deepest drilling. Before drilling for natural gas, it drilled a world record nuclear test hole in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska - 10' wide and 4,500' deep.

Elk City, OK Natural Attractions

Flying W Guest Ranch

The Flying W Ranch has RV hookups available for 10 vehicles near the lake. This area has a convenient shower house. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the variety of critters around the farm, including goats, lots of beautiful riding horses, cattle, buffalo. It'

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Anardarko Basin Museum of Natural History

The Anadarko Basin Museum of Natural History is located in the old Casa Grande Hotel, which was headquarters for the US Highway 66 Association National Convention on April 27, 1931. Two hundred twenty-five delegates attended the convention and 30,000

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Route 66 - America's Main Street

It is known as the Main Street of America - The Mother Road - The Free Road - even the Will Rogers Highway. And it evokes images of roadside diner's, mom-and-pop truck stops, old-fashioned service stations, motor courts, neon signs, and classic American automobiles.

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National Route 66 Museum

Step back in time at the National Route 66 Museum and Old Town Museum Complex. The museum focuses on the people who lived, worked and traveled "The Road" and offers visitors a road motif to travel through all eight states along Route 66 "The Mother Road".

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