Fairmont at Christmas

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Sunday following Thanksgiving - You won't want to miss Fairmont during the Christmas season. The season begins with the lighting of the City Park. The park is decorated by the Fairmont community. After the official lighting program, everyone enjoys a free pancake supper. Christmas music rings throughout the downtown area. Homes and businesses are aglow with lights. Santa comes to Fairmont on the Saturday before Christmas to visit with the children and collect their Christmas lists. A fun-filled afternoon is enjoyed by the children before Santa's arrival. Fairmont is a community that has the Christmas spirit all year, a community where neighbors really do care.

Fairmont at Christmas


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Fillmore County Museum

Can you visualize sitting at a soda fountain sipping a frothy or fizzy concoction? Or waiting to see the doctor in the early 1900s? It's easy to imagine in the Fillmore County Museum, where Fillmore county citizens have donated over 14,000 items in an effort to preserve their heritage.

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Civil War Memorial

Standing on the grounds just south of the Fillmore County Museum in Fairmont is a Civil War Memorial "In Memory of the Unknown Dead," 1861 -1865

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Fairmont Army Air Field

Fillmore County realized an economic boost with the beginning of the construction of the Fairmont Army Air Field in 1942. Hangers housed B-24s, B-17s, and B-29s and the barracks housed nearly 6,000 officers and enlisted men. The 350

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