Fall River Wildlife Viewing

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The vicinity in which Fall River Lake is located has long been noted for its rolling prairies and tree-dotted valleys, sheltered by limestone-capped ridges. The lake is about a mile wide at the damsite and stretches up the picturesque Fall River for 15 miles. The scenic beauty of the area with its profusion of native wildlife and vegetation beckons all nature enthusiasts.

For birdwatchers there are more than 400 species of birds in the area, including migratory waterfowl, the bald eagle, the great horned owl, and other species that spend the summers in Kansas, as well as those inhabiting the area year round. In the spring and again in the fall there are wildflowers in the open pastures, along fence rows and in the wooded areas. Hedgerows and former farmsteads produce persimmon, osage orange, redbud, and dogwood.

Wildlife watching, one of the area's most popular activities, is facilitated by the construction of a waterfowl blind that can be used by visitors wishing to observe and photograph the wildlife in the area wetlands.

Parts of the wildlife area are maintained as wildlife sanctuaries and closed to the public. Visitors should be aware of the refuge areas and that vehicle traffic is restricted to the roadways and parking lots. A park naturalist is on staff in the summer months to help visitors learn about the native wildlife.

Admission: Park Permit Required
Address: 4 miles N of Fall River off Hwy 400
Phone: 620-637-2213
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Fall River Trails

Two new trails have recently opened in the park. Casner Creek has some beautiful fall wildflowers and is a great trail for the wildflower enthusiast!

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Most lands and waters at Fall River are open for public hunting with the exception of Kansas State Park lands, developed camping, picnicking areas, dam and project operations sites, and refuge areas. The area is managed for a variety of game and non-game species. There are 8,632

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Fall River Lake Fishing Report


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Fall River Wildlife Viewing

The vicinity in which Fall River Lake is located has long been noted for its rolling prairies and tree-dotted valleys, shelte...

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