Fallen Heroes of Washington County

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Men have been defending our American soil for over two centuries from enemy's from without and from within. Though nearly every war represents a different generation, the men have not changed, nor the push to protect.

Words like skirmishes, attack, march, forage and many others apply to just some of the activity associated with battle, and military expeditions. Wars are fought differently in the 21st century, technology plays a bigger role, computers, cell phones and email were unheard of in earlier wars, but the two prevailing words that remain constant are; DEVOTION, PATRIOTISM.

Men with hearts of valor, of sacrifice for their families and their country have long served us all, with no thought to life or limb, willingly ready to step forward sacrificially putting their country and families first, their own lives aside or on hold.

Though long retired from his own military career, Joe Todd, continues to serve his nation and fellow soldiers by keeping their memories alive, preserving their history, their loyalty and allegiance to this nation and its people. The Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library houses hundreds of interviews by Todd, dedicated to preserving important audiovisual and manuscript records of World War II veterans and home front workers.

Todd's most recent under-taking is the upcoming exhibit at the Bartlesville Area History Museum, Fallen Heroes of Washington County. Six months and untold hours have gone into the research and preparation to honor the memories of Washington County men that have fallen in the service of their nation, during the Great War (World War I) World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq.

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