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Gridley City Lake Gridley City Lake was built as a 33 acre water supply for the city in 1956, and was used as such until 1990, when the lake became inadequate and a new water supply was obtained. The lake was drained and restructured in 1995 through assistance from Coffey county and Wildlife and Parks. it is now managed strictly for recreational sports fishing.

The intensive fishery management program at Gridley City Lake focuses on sustainable quality and quantity. Harvest regulations allow fish to grow to a harvestable size while providing excellent catch and release fishing. Length limits protect young fish, while creel limits spread the harvest over a longer period of time. The regulations, feeding program, enforcement, sampling, and supplemental stocking will ensure that a quality fishery will exist for many years to come.

LASR - Gridley City Lake - Gridley, KansasAll persons using the lake, regardless of age, need a user permit. This includes fishing, boating, or hunting. Shotgun hunting only, during regular seasons.

Annual permit: $10.00 age 15 and under: $4.00
Daily permit: $4.00, age 15 and under: $1.00
Permits available at Gridley City Hall, Nancy's Grocery, Rodgers Oil, and Johnson's Plumbing

Stocked Species

Largemouth Bass - Current regulations posted at lake - An exciting program utilizing largemouth that are trained to feed on dry processed food exists at Gridley. The advantage of this is that the lake can support more bass and they can obtain large sixes faster. The minimum length limit of 18 inches allows the bass to reach trophy size before harvest. The bass will be managed for recreation. The bass length limit may change after 1998.

Smallmouth Bass - 18 inch min. length limit; 2/day creel limit - Smallmouth bass were stocked to add variety to the bass population. It is expected that the stocking of smallmouth bass will provide excellent catch and release, with some individuals reaching trophy size (18 inches) in several years. Natural recruitment of smallmouth bass is not expected, so the original stocking will make up the only year class.

Channel Catfish - 15 inch min. length limit; 2/day creel limit - The channel catfish is the bread and butter of Kansas fishing. Supplemental feeding at Gridley City Lake allows double the normal stocking rate, and the regulations protect them from overharvest, allowing hem to grow to very large sizes. Fish in excess of 10 pounds are expected by the fall of 2000. Supplemental stocking of catfish is done each year to maintain a quality population of catfish with good harvest.

Walleye - 18 inch main. length limit; 2/day creel limit - A population of walleye adds variety and recreation to Gridley City Lake. None are expected to be of legal size in 1998. Most of the walleye will remain under the length limit until 2001, when the original stocking should begin reaching 18 inches. In future years, 10 inch walleye will be stocked to maintain the population.

Wiper - 18 inch min. length limit; 2/day creel limit - Perhaps one of the best fighting fish in Kansas waters, the wiper is a cross between a white bass and a striped bass. The Wiper are also trained to feed on dry pellets, which enables them to reach a large size. Wipers are commonly caught on artificial bait and will provide excellent catch and release fishing before they reach the length limit. The Wipers at Gridley Lake are expected to reach weights of up to ten pounds.

Black Crappie - 10 inch min. length limit; 10/day creel limit - Black crappie are not as wide spread in Kansas as the White crappie. The Black is better suited for small impoundments with clear water, such as Gridley Lake. It is expected that a small portion of the original stocking of Black Crappie will be over the 10 inch length upon opening. The regulations and the large amount of habitat will allow for good production of crappie. The Black Crappie should offer good panfishing opportunities every year.

All Sunfishes
8 inch min. length limit; 10/day creel limit (in combination)

Bluegill Sunfish - The bluegill is perhaps the most popular panfish in Kansas. Gridley City Lake's high density of predators to control bluegill numbers combined with the supplemental feeding, and he length and creel limits, will create a unique panfishing opportunity by producing bluegills in excess of 8 inches.

Redear Sunfish - The Redear has a narrow band of red on the gill cover lobe and usually has vertical barring. This large panfish prefers deeper water that the bluegill and is more difficult to catch.

Green Sunfish - The Green sunfish is the most common sunfish in Kansas, and is easily distinguished from the bluegill by its larger mouth - more ball like.;SWall-

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Gridley City Lake

Gridley City Lake was built as a 33 acre water supply for the city in 1956, and was used as such until 1990, when the lake became inadequate and a new water supply was obtained. The lake was drained and restructured in 1995

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