Jack Creek King Post Bridge

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Jack Creek King Post Bridge Listed on the National Register of Historic Places , the Jack Creek King Post Jack's Creek bridge, erected ca. 1900, is a riveted King Post pony truss.

The King Post is one of the oldest truss designs, serving well in many medieval buildings. As is evident they served as well as bridges into the 20th century. Its simplicity also establishes its limit. As the length increases so must the height, at the same ratio. It is therefore only practical in short spans. In Kansas eight King Posts still exist. Six of the remaining bridges are located in Washington and Phillips counties. Single representatives are located in Brown and Labette counties.

Address: Bridge is located 3.2 miles south, 1 mile west, and 2 miles south of Intersection 383 and FAS 535, west of Phillipsburg, KS.

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