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Joe Pool Lake Fishing Joe Pool Lake fishing includes largemouth black bass, crappie,and catfish. There are several ways to fish at Joe Pool Lake. Anglers can fish from the bank, at both Marinas in floating fishing platforms, in the parks from man-made fishing jetties, or by boat. The upper third of both arms of Joe Pool Lake is covered with the timber that was left in the lake when it filled. Numerous flooded stock ponds, bridges, road beds, and other features were left as structure when the lake was built. Hydrilla is found throughout the lake, especially near the dam.

Largemouth bass are often found associated with hydrilla, pondweed, and underwater structural features. Crappie fishing is good under the bridges that cross the two arms of the lake and white bass school in the lower portion of the lake. Find channel catfish near the creek channels.

There are several fish attractors out in the main body of the lake. These areas are generally man-made brush piles, and they are marked by bouys marked Fish Attractors. These areas are well know for catching crappie.

Many anglers enjoy fishing from the discharge channel of the Outlet Works. This area is located off of Camp Wisdom Road below the dam. There is a parking lot for your fishing convienance. Anglers land many crappie and catfish from this area. This area is a main attraction when water is being released after a heavy rainfall event. Fishing platforms are offered along the discharge tube.

Loyd Park houses three fishing piers. Fisherman enjoy using the piers to keep from fighting the brush around the shoreline. However, there are several places around the shoreline to bankfish. People often fish along the hiking trail, in Bowman Branch, and in Walnut Creek. Fishermen have to pay the $10.00 entrance fee.


The slot limit on Joe Pool is 3 largemouth bass limit of fish under 14 inches or over 21 inches. Crappie must be over 10 inches and the limit is 25 fish.

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