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The annual Fiestas are so important to the people of Taos, New Mexico that they have four different names -- las Fiestas de Taos, las Fiestas de don Fernando de Taos, las Fiestas de Santiago y Santana and las Fiestas de la Gente. What are Fiestas? They are a tradition passed from generation to generation, a way of preserving the rich tri-culture that has developed in Taos over the last four centuries. It is a culture unique to Taos, encompassing both pueblo and plains Indians, Spanish explorers, conquistadores, French fur trappers and American mountain men.

Fiestas are a time when young and old, those who have moved away from Taos and those who still live in their native land, come together to share stories and fellowship. Visitors from all over attend the Fiestas to enjoy a cultural experience that only Taos can provide. Fiestas are a happy time of delicious northern New Mexican cuisine, indigenous dance, Spanish folk music and so much more. It is a celebration of the Taos people, Taose-os, part of a long tradition with solid roots. It is a time of thanking God for the many blessings he has bestowed upon the community of Taos and asking for His blessing in the year to come.

Fiestas are for everyone. Weddings, family reunions and class reunions are planned so that they coincide with Fiesta weekend, as are softball tournaments and car shows. Las Fiestas de Taos and Fiestas de La Gente, a celebration of the people for the people. They are a tradition that is not only deeply rooted in the community, but in each individual Taose-o, no matter where they live in this world. You can take a Taose-o out of Taos, but you cannot take Taos out of that Taose-o.

The Fiestas are sponsored by the Taos Fiesta Council Inc. in conjunction with the Town of Taos, Taos County and other sponsoring entities.

Las Fiestas de Taos

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