Lisco, Nebraska

Lisco is a proud, well-manicured village with a deep sense of community. Residents live in safe surroundings where children are free to be children and senior citizens can rely on their neighbors for assistance. Its greatest asset is its people who know what it means to be a neighbor and put in a hard day’s work.

Nestled between the North Platte River and the unique rolling Nebraska Sandhills seasonal landscape changes are welcome sights. From fishing in the North Platte River to bird watching on the 46,600 acre Crescent Lake National Wildlife Refuge to hunting waterfowl, deer, pheasants, doves, or prairie dogs, the area is a mecca for those hungry for the out-of-doors. Several businesses offer guided hunts and accommodations.

The Oregon and Morman Trails both pass within a mile of Lisco and the ruts of the pioneers are visible in several places. Ancient Bluffs Ruins, named by English Mormon converts who thought they resembled ancient towers, castles and ruins seen in their homeland, are located just west of Lisco. The bridge over the North Platte River just south of town is included as one of the Historic Bridges in Nebraska. Completed in 1928 it remains one of the last two intact multiple-span state aid truss bridges.

If you stop by for a bite at our local café or stop to ask directions, be prepared to stay a while as “Lisconians” love to visit. If you’re just driving through, be prepared to return a wave of the hand through your windshield. Take note of the different handwaving styles! If you stop to spend the night, be prepared to take in the brilliant star-studded skies and enjoy tranquility and quality of life unequalled anywhere!

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Historic Lisco State Aid Bridge

The Lisco State Aid Bridge, listed in the National Register of Historic Places, was one of eight state aid bridges designed by the state engineer's office using multiple-span Pratt pony trusses. With spans ranging from 60 to 100 feet, most were built in the mid-1920

Lisco, NE Historic Bridges

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