Maine Atlantic Pageants Winter Wonderland

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Maine Atlantic Pageants Winter Wonderland

The Winter Wonderland Pageant will be held on Sunday, November 10, 2013 at The Governor Hill Mansion, in Augusta Maine. This will be a winter themed pageant. Outfit of choice should be winter wear. For this pageant, contestants will need to bring two outfits and a photo for judging. The first outfit will be formal wear, and the second outfit is winter wear to follow the theme of the pageant. An 8" x 10" photo needs to be turned in at time of registration with contestants name clearly printed on the back. The entry fee for this pageant is fifty dollars and must be paid in full by October 10, 2013 to be eligible to participate.
Maine Atlantic Pageants: Rules

Age Divisions

Contestants will participate within their age group. In the event that an age group needs to be divided or combined with another, it will be done so at the director’s discretion. If an age division has more than ten contestants it will be spilt. The age divisions are as follows:
•0-23 Months Baby
•2-3 Teeny
•4-5 Toddler
•6-7 Little
•8-10 Petite
•11-13 Pre-Teen
•14-16 Teen
•17-19 High school
•20 + Ladies

Contestant Line-up

The line-up in each age division will be determined by the contestant’s number. Numbers are assigned by the age of each Contestant, starting with the youngest contestant as number one. It is imperative that all contestants are ready and present at the time of their divisions line-up. Tardiness can reflect negatively on the contestants score.

Formal Wear

Contestants may wear their Sunday best, Formal Pageant Dress, Glitz Dress, Prom Dress or Flower Girl Dress. Dress should fit and complement contestant. No exposed tummies please.

Outfit of Choice

Outfit of choice can be any outfit of your choosing, and may be themed at times depending on the particular event. Please keep the outfit age appropriate and no exposed tummies please.


Please submit your Contestant’s Photo, which should be an 8” x 10” with contestant’s name and number clearly Printed on the back during Registration. Photos can be a head shot or full body and may be in color or black and white, this is totally up to your discretion. No touch ups are allowed.


The contestant’s Score will be composed from 3 categories; Formalwear, Outfit of Choice and Photo. Judging for Formalwear will be based on personality, stage presence, self-confidence, first impression, and overall appearance, with up to ten points awarded in each category for a maximum total score of fifty points. Outfit of Choice will be based on stage presence, personality, style, first impression and overall appearance, with up to five points awarded in each category for a maximum total score of twenty five points. Photo Judging will be based on personality, pose, style, individuality and overall appearance in the Photo with up to five points awarded in each category for a maximum total score of twenty five points.

Score composition: Formalwear 50%, Outfit of Choice 25%, and Photo 25%.

Hair / Make-up

We prefer a natural or light (fresh) approach for age five and under such as light powder, gloss and blush. For age six and up it is up to the contestant’s guardian to decide how little or how much make-up the contestant should wear. Please do so to accentuate the contestant’s beautiful features. You don’t need to hide behind a ton of makeup. Styled hair is allowed but not required. Eyelashes and hairpieces are allowed if they look natural and are age appropriate. Acrylic nails are allowed but not necessary. No artificial tans such as sprays and creams allowed. No flippers are allowed.

Deposit for Entry Fees

Contestants may turn in a $25 deposit which id half of the entry fee to secure his/her spot in a pageant. The full entry fee must be paid in full by the deadline stated in the rules for any particular event that you wish to participate in. Entry fees and deposits are nonrefundable. If you choose not to compete after paying a deposit or full entry fee you mat transfer the full amount that you paid to a future event, as these fees will already have been spent on pageant expenses.

Adult Supervision

Children under the age 13 should be with an adult at all times. Children should not be running around the venue at any time. If a child damages anything at the venue you will be required to pay for damages. Contestants who are age three and under will need to have a guardian present either on stage or back stage.

Conflict of Interest

Relatives of Directors, staff members or others affiliated with Atlantic Pageants in an official capacity are not permitted to compete in any pageants.


Pre-event tickets are not available. All tickets fees will be paid at the door on the day of the pageant. Please keep your ticket on you at all times to allow you reentry if you leave the premises. Ticket prices may vary at different events.

Un-Sportsmen like behavior

Un-sportsmen like behavior will not be tolerated. Guardians or contestants that show un-sportsmen like behavior will be asked to leave and the contestant will be disqualified. Cell phones need to be turned off or put on vibrate once the pageant begins. If you need to answer or make a phone call, please do so outside. Please be on time to events to eliminate delays during a pageant.

Coupons and other Fees off

Contestants can use one of the following discounts per pageant.

Refer-a-friend Discount Refer-a-friend to the same pageant and receive $10 off for a single referral. The referral must be stated on the contestants entry form to be qualified for the discount.

Sibling Discount Receive $10 off for second sibling entering the same pageant

Maine Atlantic Pageants Winter Wonderland

Address : The Governor Hill Mansion 136 State St, Augusta, Maine 04330 Augusta ME
Phone : (207)809-3611   (Always call and confirm events.)

Admission Fee : $50.00

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