Mortgage Fraud Examiners

1818 Library St #500
Reston VA 20190
Ph: +1 571-346-7527

This is also due to the over appraising of homeowners' properties and the mortgage industry's pervasive carelessness, haste, and downright fraud in recent years. The industry is also plagued by companies that claim to provide a "forensic loan audit" that may help you to stop foreclosure processes but in reality those companies are simply recalculating the loan and they have no ability to affect the outcome. You already know from the news that during the refinancing craze and the real estate boom over the last decade, lenders were shoveling mortgages out the door as fast as they could. There was not much oversight and a forensic loan audit wasn't as important before that point in time. Mortgages are routinely sold multiple times, often too quickly and without proper documentation, leading to a greater legal mess. That's why a loan audit is now more important than ever. Appraisers have been complicit too. Many appraisers artificially inflate property values to help lenders justify predatory loans and receive repeat business.

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