Old Pioneer Hall of Fame

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Old Pioneer Hall of Fame On the grounds of the Museum is the Old Pioneer Hall of Fame to honor the Pioneers who were in this area before 1907. Their picture and history are carved in Pink Granite stone and is unique, as there is none other like it in this country. By 1986, there were 160 Old Pioneers honored in this Hall of Fame.

The Young Pioneers are honored with their names engraved on granite plates and inserted in a brick wall that forms the Southern boundary of the Old Pioneer Hall of Fame. "Young Pioneers" are those persons who lived in Old Greer County or were born here fifty or more years ago. They can be either living or deceased, and their home can be anywhere in the world now, if they once called Old Greer County their home. They can be a "young Pioneer", for only $100.00, get a free "History of Old Greer County", a lovely certificate, and help to build the Endowment for the future security of the Museum and Halls of Fame.

The Hall of Fame is located on the east lawn of the Museum and can be admired at any time. The paved sidewalks fronting the rows of monuments make it accessible in any weather conditions, even if you come in the rain - an umbrella might be desirable!

Hours: Outdoor viewing
Address: 222 West Jefferson Street
Phone: 580-782-2852

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Motorcoach Parking (Free), Guided group tours by appointment

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