Opera House (no longer standing)

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Opera House (no longer standing)


The Raupp Opera House was completed in 1886 and occupied the full third floor of the Opera Building on Commercial; it seated six hundred people in its commodious auditorium with folding chairs used. The front two thirds of the auditorium toward the well-equipped stage was always held for reserved seats to any event. The hall was well equipped and acoustics were good, so that the Congressional meetings of both parties were held here for many years. After an election day, everyone would gather here for the returns, which in those days came in by telegram and were promptly delivered to the chairmen of the waiting crowd.

On the second floor the 203rd Regiment of the National Guard had its armory headquarters from 1886 on to the time of the building of the armory on Main and Locust in the 1930s. The first floor of the Opera House housed various business firms through the years, including Raupps Furniture Store.

Address: demolished in 2003

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