Pawnee County WMAs

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Pawnee County WMAs Pawnee County has 2238 acres in six Wildlife Management Areas. The county is known for its game bird population. You will find pheasant, quail, doves, wild turkeys and prairie chickens. Deer, rabbits, and squirrels also add to the activity in the county's Wildlife Management Areas.


Pheasant, quail, squirrel, rabbit, deer and dove. (320 acres) Located 2 miles south of Steinauer.


Quail, pheasant, dove, rabbit, and squirrel. Interrupted strip of former railroad right-of-way. Located 1 mile east, 1/4 mile north of DuBois. (210 acres)


Pheasant, quail, dove, deer, squirrel, and rabbit. Located 7 miles south, 1 east of Burchard. (1012 acres)


Pheasant, quail, deer, rabbit, squirrel, and dove. Located 1 1/4 miles north, 1 mile west of Dubois. (120 acres)


Pheasant, quail, dove, rabbit, squirrel, and deer. Located 1 mile east of Table Rock. (400 acres)


Pheasant, quail, dove, rabbit, squirrel, and deer. Located 5 miles north, mile east of Burchard. (176 acres)

Farmers, if contacted first, will consider allowing you to hunt on private property.

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Attractions and Upcoming Events

Post Office Mural

The Pawnee City United States Post Office is a one-story, brick Colonial Revival-style building constructed in 1940-41. While the building retains a high degree of integrity, its historical significance derives from the mural painted on an interior wall. "The Auction"

Pawnee City, NE Arts

Pioneer Panorama

The annual two-day event in June, the Pawnee Pioneer Panorama celebration starts with a "fly-in breakfast" at the municipal airport just west of town. The historical society's buildings are transformed into a "living pioneer village"

Pawnee City, NE Festivals

Iron Horse Trail Recreation Area

Quietly nestled in the southeast corner of Pawnee County, Iron Horse Trail Lake is an 85-acre lake situated within the 360-acre recreation area named for the historic railroad trail which winds through the park's wilderness. The dam was completed in 1983

Pawnee City, NE Recreation

Hempstead House

Among the four houses located in the National Historic Register District in Pawnee City, the large frame dwelling is a good example of the Queen Anne style. Known as the "Hempstead Mansion," the house was built in 1887-88 by E. F. Hempstead, who came to Nebraska from Illinois in 1886

Pawnee City, NE National Register

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