Phillips County Courthouse

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Phillips County Courthouse Tons of marble are obvious in this construction both inside and out. There is a generous use of slab marble in the wall panels, stair wells, and stair steps. Stair well railings are made of rod iron and walnut. A stained glass sky light is centered between two large brass chandeliers on the second floor ceiling.

Each of the four working clocks that architecturally face in each direction atop the building sides is operated by the 1921 Seth Thomas pendulum mechanics which can be viewed behind glass on the first floor entrance.


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The Center is the ideal place to get together. Whether your needs are for a small business meeting room, a larger conference room, or an auditorium, we provide the resources for you. Facilities are available for seminars, educational meetings, and large group meetings. Within the Center, you'

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Jack Creek King Post Bridge

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places , the Jack Creek King Post Jack's Creek bridge, erected ca. 1900, is a riveted King Post pony truss.

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Fort Bissell Museum

Fort Bissell was built in 1872 on the land of John Bissell, while roving bands of Indians were still in the area. It was located on a bend of Bissell Creek 2?

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C & R Railroad

C&R Railroad invites you to a quaint community tucked inside a 57-foot mountain range in the McDill "Huck" Boyd Center where intrigued visitors can watch animated O-scale trains chug through the village, and arrive at Union Station. A freight yard includes a turntable and roundhouse.

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