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Quivira NWR Hunting Autumn and winter are great times of the year for the hunters among you to come on out and test your hunting skills. Hunting for waterfowl, quail, pheasant, dove, snipe, rails, squirrels, and rabbits is permitted on Quivira NWR. It is always a good idea to call ahead or stop by the Visitors Center or one of the many information kiosks located around the Refuge to get a copy of the most recent Refuge hunting regulations which may differ from general state regulations. An example of this would be that non-toxic shot is required in all gauges when hunting any game on the Refuge. Parts of the Refuge are posted as "Public Hunting Area" and hunting outside of these areas is prohibited. Retrieving game from areas closed to hunting is prohibited. The use of dogs for hunting and retrieving is encouraged. You must be in compliance with the State of Kansas hunting laws and regulations, otherwise no specific permits or fees are required by the Refuge, and check in at Refuge Headquarters is not necessary. Check out the "Current Bird Information" section during hunting season for the current bird numbers and the "Looking Out the Window Weather Report" (updated Daily!) or e-mail. For information on State Hunting and Fishing regulations, please contact the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks at 620-672-5911.

Hunting Information and Seasons:

Hunting licenses may be purchased on-line from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) website. All you need are a credit card and a printer. For information on how to get your license, go to the KDWP website at Quivira is closed to deer hunting at all times, however, if you wish to hunt deer and you don't know where to go, KDWP now has a referral service. You can reach them at 1-888-497-8661 to get information on local landowners who may allow deer hunting on their property. All other questions about hunting and fishing should be directed to 620-672-5911.

Hunters are reminded that hunting areas may be closed without warning if endangered whooping cranes are present. It is advised that you check with Refuge staff during business hours or via phone or website after hours to see if these areas are closed before heading out here.

Dove Hunting Opens on Quivira

The first hunting season of the fall starts on Quivira National Wildlife Refuge on September 1st, with the opening of dove hunting. The 8000 acres of public hunting land on Quivira is open to hunting under Kansas State Regulations, hours and limits. Dove hunters are reminded that, as with all hunting on Quivira NWR, only non-toxic shot may be used. Possession of lead shot, while in the field, is a violation of Refuge regulations and hunters should be careful not to make the mistake of having lead shot shells in their hunting vest.

Hunters are reminded that hunting on Quivira National Wildlife Refuge closes each year on March 1.

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Quivira National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center

Located at the south end of the Refuge, the Visitors Center is filled with hands on displays for children and adults alike. The animal pelt table is of particular interest to children and the birdsong board is definitely attention grabbing. Imagine the delight in your children'

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Quivira NWR Fishing

Fishing is allowed on all bodies of water on the Refuge. In addition, we now have a "Kids Fishing Pond"...adults MUST be accompanied by a fishing child, 14

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