Scott City, Kansas

Scott City, Kansas

Few people know that in the beginning Scott City, Kansas was Nixon, Kansas, named after A.M. Nixon of Iowa, who was among a company of three who laid out the town in 1879. Nixon, like many of the new western towns died in its infancy, but in 1885 was revived and renamed Scott Centre being located in the exact center of the county, then in 1913 its name was changed again to Scott City.

The railroads of Scott Count have a very interesting history. In the summer of 1887 the Santa Fe and Missouri-Pacific railroads made a race to Scott City. According to Benton Wood, a pioneer, and other old timers, the race was very close and came near ending in bloodshed.

Eleven miles north of Scott City on Beaver Creek is located the beautiful Scott City Park with its rugged scenery and fine lake. It has a trout pool fed by the largest never failing spring in Kansas and is one of the prettiest spots in the state.

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El Quartelejo Pueblo Ruins

See the northernmost pueblo in the United States and one of the first white settlements in Kansas: El Quartelejo Ruins. In the 1500s a group of Taos Indians migrated to the park region. They made pueblos and grew crops using irrigation ditches dug from a nearby spring. After 20

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El Quartelejo Museum

You'll discover the fascinating history of Scott County and its surrounding area at the El Quartelejo Museum located on the west edge of Scott City. What did prehistoric fish look like and why are their fossil bones found in Scott County?

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Keystone Gallery

The Keystone Gallery is housed in the historic limestone building built in 1917 as a community church. It houses a prehistoric museum with late Cretaceous fossils from the Kansas Niobrara formation, a curio shop, featured artwork by Charles Bonner, and information about Monument Rocks.

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Squaw's Den Cave, The Last Indian Battle in Kansas

Travel to the place where the last Indian battle in Kansas took place. Punished Woman Fork is about a mile southeast of Lake Scott State Park. It is marked by a monument over a cave known as Squaw's Den where Indian women and children hid while warriors waited in ambush for the US Calvary.

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Old Steele Pioneer Home

As a visitor to Lake Scott State Park you'

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